Dating Coach Packages

“I’ll Show You Exactly How To Find Love Again After Divorce. Sign Up Now For One of Two Coaching Packages”

Package #1: “How To Turn Your Online Dating Profile Into a Man Magnet”

Most women make mistakes in their online dating profile that push men away. I can show you how to stop making those mistakes and create an online dating profile that sparkles and stands out from the rest.

This package includes:

A FREE 10 minute phone consultation with no strings attached. We’ll chat for 10 minutes to find out what your dating goals are and how I can help you.  

A half hour phone consultation to find out what your biggest dating challenges have been. In this call, I’ll also discover more about you so that I can show you how to write an online profile that will dramatically increase your chances of having more and better dates—and put you many steps closer to finding your true love.

• If you haven’t written an online profile yet, after our phone conversation I’ll send you a step-by-step outline so you can easily and painlessly create a profile that will grab the attention of the best men online.

If you have written your online dating profile already, I’ll give you a full critique of your profile. You’ll send me your profile in a word doc and I’ll send you back my suggestions for ways to improve your results.

• Once you write/rewrite your profile based on my suggestions, I’ll take a look at it again to make sure it has all the elements you need to attract a good man.

A critique of the photographs you are using with your profile.

You can have one of the best online dating profiles on the dating sites and stand out above all the other women, for a limited time discount off the usual price of $127. Instead you’ll pay only:

Normal Price: $127

Limited Time Special Price of $97

I can only critique a limited number of online profiles each month, so email me today at so we can get you set up for a free consultation.

Package #2: “Find The Man of Your Dreams”

Invest in this package and you’ll have use of my dating after divorce coaching services to show you exactly what to do to have more dates with interesting, attractive, fun men—and ultimately find the man of your dreams.

This package includes everything in the Online Dating Profile Package, Plus:

A critique of the way you present yourself on dates. You’ll send me a photo of you in a couple different outfits you might wear on a date. And I’ll send you back some suggestions on how to enhance your appearance in a way that’s very appealing to men while still being true to who you are.

I will give you suggestions on what to do and say on a date. We’ll do some role playing over the phone, too, in an additional half-hour phone conversation. When the time comes for you to interact with a guy, you’ll be perfectly prepared and poised.

I’ll critique 6 of your emails to men. There’s certain things you can do in emails to increase the chance a man will ask you out on a first or second date—and keep coming back for more. I’ll make sure you’re doing these things in your emails.

• In some powerful email exchanges with you, I will show you:

Powerful tips for flirting with a guy. If flirting doesn’t come easy for you, these tips will make it a breeze.

Some of the best places for you to meet good men offline.

How to spot the type of guys you don’t want to date. You won’t waste time responding to emails from guys who wouldn’t be right for you anyway.

The one thing you MUST do in order to find true love.

For three months after you buy the “Find the Man of Your Dreams” package, you’ll be able to ask me dating questions via email. I can help you figure out what went wrong on your date, why he didn’t call, and more.

The value of this package is normally $577.

But for a limited time you’ll get all my personalized dating advice for only:

Normal Price: $577

Your Limited Time Price: $377

(Or 3 Monthly Payments of $137 Each)

I can only take you on as a coaching client if you are completely serious about finding love and plan to invest some time into your search. And I can only take on a small number of clients every month in order to give you the time and attention you deserve. So if you are serious about your search for love and you live in the United States or Canada, take advantage of this offer before spots fill up.

Email me now at for your FREE 10-minute phone consultation.

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7 Proven Secrets For Healing Your Post-Divorce Heartache—And Finding Happiness and Peace On Your Own


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Dating After Divorce: Are You Making These 6 Mistakes?


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