By Kimberly Pryor Wilkes, Author and Creator of The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce DVDs

After your divorce, even if it’s been several months or even years, you might find yourself feeling down or even numb or angry.

Maybe you were feeling fine until you found out your ex is now living with someone new. Or you’re fed up because your own efforts at finding a new love haven’t worked and you’re tired of being alone.

Maybe the holidays—and the thought of not having someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve—have gotten you down.

Here are five easy ways you can give yourself an emotional boost and send the sadness, anger or numbness packing.

1. Hug your pet or buy a pet if you don’t have one.

Studies have shown that pet owners fared better on several measures of well-being including greater self-esteem. Pets also stave off negativity caused by social rejection. And they cause their owners to get more exercise, which in and of itself has improved mood in a number of studies.

2.  Take up yoga.

Research shows that yoga improves mood and reduces anxiety. In addition, some studies also show it can reduce anger. Going to a yoga class also is a great way to meet new friends and get exercise.

3. Get rid of the “Yeah, but…”

After your divorce, holding on to anger will smother your happiness like an emotional avalanche. Your anger isn’t hurting your ex. It’s hurting you. One of the biggest obstacles to forgiving is the idea of “Yeah, but he (or she) hurt me. What he (or she) did wasn’t right.”

Maybe your ex had an affair while you were married. Maybe he or she was the one who wanted the divorce and gave up on your marriage.

Forgiving doesn’t mean you’re justifying his or her actions. It doesn’t mean you agree with those actions. It doesn’t even mean you have to like your ex.

It simply means that for the sake of your mental and physical health you choose to let it go, to release the pain of what your ex did.

If you don’t let go of the anger, it’s like stabbing your heart with a sword and expecting it to kill the other person.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking, “Yeah, but, why should I forgive my ex?” kick those words right out of your mind and replace them with, “I choose to realize my peace of mind and my well-being are more important than what my ex did to me.”

4. Discover new things about yourself.

Try something you’ve never done before. Read a self-improvement book that gets you thinking about who you are and what makes you tick. Watch presentations by self-empowerment speakers who will get you thinking in a new way.

Things didn’t work out in your past, but taking these positive actions now will shape the success of your future.

5. Don’t worry about what your ex is doing—it’s what you’re doing that’s important.

Your ex has a new love but you don’t? Enjoy your time alone because when a new love comes along those nights of reading a good book or doing the things you enjoy doing alone might become more scarce.

Your ex has lost a lot of weight and looks great but you’ve put on a few pounds thanks to the stress of the divorce?

Realize that if your ex lost weight, you can too. Use it as a motivation to join a health club, take a daily walk and cut down on those sugary treats.

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