Proven Secrets For Getting What You Want Most After Your Divorce

By Kimberly Pryor, award-winning author of The Indestructible Relationship

Whether you’re newly divorced and just trying to get through the emotional pain day by day or your divorce was finalized awhile ago and you’re out there dating again, you’re going to want to read every word on this page.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll discover a proven way to find hope and learn to love again. Plus, you’ll get a huge boost of reassurance about your future.

Tell me, can you relate to any of the frustrations below? Depending on how much time has passed since your divorce and your own circumstance, you’ll relate to some more than others:


  • You still have days where you feel rattled because the person you spent so many years with is now a complete stranger.
  • Your marriage falling apart has sent your self-esteem packing. You want to feel more self-confident and feel good about yourself.
  • You’re having revenge fantasies about your ex. You want to know how to release the bitterness and anger.
  • Your ex cheated on you. You get sick to your stomach when you think about what your ex has done. You don’t want to be hurt like that ever again.
  • You’ve started dating again but you can’t fall for a nice person. All the nice people seem boring. There’s something more alluring about the ones who are emotionally out of reach.  Why can’t the people you’re attracted to be attracted to you back?
  • You saw no signs your divorce was coming. You’re in shock. You just want to know why? What did you do?
  • Your divorce has left you exhausted and unmotivated. How do you get your enthusiasm back?
  • You want to get back out into the dating world but you’re nervous and afraid. You were married so long that dating seems really uncomfortable.
  • You’re crushed like nothing has ever crushed you before. You don’t know how to get over it or move on.
  • You’re lonely. The house seems so quiet and empty when your ex takes the kids for the week or weekend.
  • You feel like you could have done something differently to stop the collapse of your marriage and now you’re beating yourself up for it. And you’re angry at your ex for not trying harder to make the marriage work.

I’m going to show you how to get rid of each of the above frustrations, and build a new future where you can be blissfully happy on your own and—when you’re ready—how to make sure that you’ll be snuggled warmly in the arms of the person who you’re really meant to be with.


What Three Things Do You Want The Most After Divorce?

Let me ask you something. What are the three things you want most after your divorce? Type them in the box below. No one will be able to read them but you. Here are some examples: finding a new love who won’t cheat on me, pay off my debt, the courage to date again, getting rid of my sadness and moving on once and for all, finding someone interesting and fun who will return my feelings. In the box below, type the 3 things you desire most after your divorce.

Finished? Great! Now, why do you think you haven’t been able to accomplish those three things?

Imagine if you could get rid of all those blocks that are stopping you from accomplishing what you want the most after your divorce. How would your life change? Imagine how peaceful it would feel to release the intense pain you felt after your divorce. And to release the pain in record-breaking time so you can get on with your life.

Imagine falling in love with a really interesting, sexy, funny person—and having them fall in love with you back. Imagine being snuggled warmly in their arms. Or if you’re nervous about dating again, imagine being perfectly relaxed and self-confident as you start to meet new people.  You’re actually having tons of fun!

All the sadness, the bitterness, the anger you felt at your ex has disappeared. It’s packed its bags and took a permanent trip to the other side of the earth. Siberia maybe. It’s outta here! You feel whole again. At peace. You no longer feel frustrated that you couldn’t make your ex realize that your marriage was worth working on.

What if I told you I have a unique approach that will show you how to have all three of the things you want most after your divorce? A unique approach that will show you how to get rid of every block that is standing in your way to happiness. Read on and I’ll show you how . . .

Here’s Exactly How To Discover The Secrets For Getting What You Want Most After Divorce—A New Love, More Money, Helping Your Kids Thrive, Or Feeling Blissfully Happy On Your Own

Kimberly Pryor, author of The Indestructible Relationship, and her mentor Jack Canfield, cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Recently, I decided to do something really cool. You see I’m a writer and a relationship expert. I’ve had articles published in The Huffington Post, YourTango, and more than 600 magazines and newspapers. I went on 150 dates in 6 years before I finally figured out why I was meeting the wrong type of person. When I made that discovery, I met the man who is now my loving, warm, creative husband.

I also wrote and published an award-winning book called The Indestructible Relationship, about couples whose relationships survived trauma and job-related stress.

So at first I thought I would host a workshop for couples. But then some friends of mine got divorced, and I saw the pain they were going through.

That’s when I had the crazy idea. I locked myself and 11 relationship and self empowerment experts, plus a financial adviser and a career coach, in a resort up in the mountains during The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce Retreat.

Together, the retreat speakers have shown thousands of divorced people how to rebuild their lives. I asked these experts to spill the beans about what it really takes to be happy after divorce, the secrets for increasing your chances of finding a warm and loving romantic partner, easy ways for your kids to thrive in their new post-divorce reality, and proven ways to get rid of your debt and build a nest-egg.

A privileged group of your fellow divorced people were locked into the resort with all these experts. And the experience was amazing! Everyone who attended walked away feeling happier and more at peace than they have in a long time. They no longer felt powerless because they now had proven strategies for rebuilding their life after divorce.

Most of what the speakers had to say and the easy strategies they showed everyone attending the retreat, you’ll never hear in a support group. In fact, most of what these experts shared you’ll never hear anywhere else.

The good news is that you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to discover all the secrets shared at the retreat. We filmed the whole amazing experience.

I want to give you access to the DVDs of the event so that you’ll have at your fingertips easy and proven ways to tackle all your post divorce challenges. Once you watch the DVDs, you’ll know exactly how to get what you want most after divorce.

New Me

A Treasure Chest of Secrets to Feel Happier, Avoid Frustrating Dates, and Rebuild Your Finances After Divorce

In this 16-DVD set, 14 of the country’s top relationship, self-empowerment and financial experts will show you:

  • The #1 thing you must do today to improve your chances of healing and moving on in record time. This one thing can save you years of heartache and will have you feeling better right now.
  • What to do if you didn’t see the divorce coming and you’re in shock. If you’re wondering “What did I do to cause this?” watch the DVDs now to get your answer once and for all.
  • How to forgive yourself for any role you feel you may have played in the breakup of your marriage.  When you watch the DVDs, it will be like a weight was lifted off you.
  • Four magic questions that not only get your child to behave better and cooperate with your every request—they’ll also show you how to relate better to everyone including your boss and your new romantic partner. Imagine being able to watch TV in peace or sit and read a good book without your kids clamoring for your attention. Or imagine being able to understand why your date or new love acts the way they do.
  • Common mistakes divorced people make when re-entering the dating world—and ways you can avoid making these same blunders. You won’t waste your time on the wrong people and when you watch the DVDs, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of finding someone you’re deeply in love with—and who loves you back.
  • How to keep your job or find work in a challenging economy.
  • How to trust members of the opposite sex again if your ex-spouse cheated on you.
  • How to feel happy and at peace even when you’re not dating. No more lonely Saturday nights because you actually enjoy your me-time.
  • How to spend the toughest days of the year—Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, your birthday—feeling at peace and happy even though you’re on your own.
  • How to release any anger you feel at your ex-spouse—whether the anger is obvious or subconscious—so that you can move on once and for all without those uncomfortable feelings that are stealing your peace of mind.
  • One simple way to get your boss to think of you as a superstar and increase your chances of getting a raise.
  • How to feel whole again now that you’re no longer part of a couple. If you take action now and watch the DVDs, the loneliness will melt away and you’ll feel at peace stepping out into the world on your own.
  • Why you’re not meeting the right people even though you’ve been dating up a storm. Wouldn’t it feel good to meet someone really cool for a change? And to actually have that person beating down your door to go on another date?
  • How to recognize your monetary style—knowing this one thing can stop you from making some major financial mistakes and show you how to build a nest egg even when you’ve had a hard time doing so in the past.

Here’s a Taste of Some of The Presentations Featured on The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce DVDs

One Easy Tip for Finding Love After Divorce

Lisa Steadman

Learn How To Find Happiness After Divorce

Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson

Good Relationships Aren't About Communication

Charles J. Orlando

One of the most incredible experiences. . .

The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce Retreat was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in a very long time. Incredible speakers. I would recommend it highly for anybody who has gone through a divorce or who is looking to get into a successful relationship in the future.<

Mark Jelen, a divorced man from Reno, Nevada, about the retreat where The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce DVDs were filmed.

Here’s Even More of What You’ll Discover

In an engaging format, the speakers on the DVDs will also reveal:

  • How to get a transfer to a more desirable department in the company you work for without actually asking for one. Imagine losing the dread of heading off to a job you hate and actually being excited about going to work.
  • How to avoid the losers, the abusers, the sociopaths, and the narcissists and increase your chances of having more good dates. You’ll know how to spot the type of people who may even be dangerous to get involved with.
  • How to be more relaxed and completely self-confident as you re-enter the dating world. You’ll lose that uncomfortable nervousness you previously felt on dates—and you’re attracting more interesting people and having more fun because of it.
  • One post-divorce action you should be sure to take in order to protect your financial future. This will stop you from making costly mistakes.

What Divorced People Just Like You Are Saying About The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce DVDs

“The DVDs will help keep your breakup from becoming a breakdown.”

I had filed 3 months before the Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce Retreat and the day before I attended the retreat my other half moved to another state. I had been depressed, but that day was particularly depressing. The retreat came at a great time for me. It was such a positive experience, and I actually didn’t want to leave the environment because I knew I had to go back to reality. I took a lot of positive energy back home with me. I came home with a PhD: Positive/ Hardworking/Determined.

I have learned that the problem with my marriage was not me, so I am working on rebuilding my self-confidence and getting healthy emotionally for a next relationship. Since the retreat I have continued the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on my own and I find positive energy from that.

The retreat DVDs will leave you with a lot of positive thoughts and actions to take. The speakers are all excellent and there is something to take out of each of their presentations. Most of all it will help keep your breakup from becoming a breakdown and to change your Boohoo into a Woohoo. To know what all that means, the DVDs are a must to see.

Susie Ray from California

How Linda Lesperance of Nevada Found The Courage to Date Again

“Before The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce Retreat I was terrified about starting to date. I knew that I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life, but I felt that I had so many strikes against me that no one would want me, and fear of rejection had me stuck.

“After the retreat, I felt better about myself, that it was not unreasonable for me to find a new mate. I had the courage to sign up for Internet dating!

“Before attending the retreat, I felt so humiliated that I didn’t even want to admit to family and friends that I was considering dating again. After the retreat, I realized it was perfectly reasonable to pursue new relationships.

“I saw that many other people had faced similar issues and been able to successfully go on and find a mate. I was able to let friends know I was interested in dating and have been introduced to some of their other single friends, with dating potential. Now I have possibilities for future mates in my life.

“I would recommend that other divorced people watch the DVDs because there was so much useful information and support at the retreat. Being able to watch the DVDs will be really helpful.Like little power boosts helping me remember what my goal is, that it is reasonable and obtainable.

“Sending you appreciation for all you do. I’m dating again because of you!”

Linda Lesperance

Testimonial 1 - Mark

Testimonial 2 - Rhonda

Here’s Exactly How to Get Rid Of Your Loneliness, Improve Your Finances, Increase Your Chances of Meeting a New Love—Even Easy Weight Loss Strategies to Help You Look Your Best

On the DVDs, you’ll discover ways to enhance every aspect of your life:

  • A technique to release post-divorce fears, such as the fear you won’t be able to make it on your own.
  • Why your belief that communication is the secret to a good relationship may be sabotaging your chance at long-lasting love.
  • A simple technique to shed those stubborn pounds and eliminate food cravings so that you’ll look and feel your best as you venture out into the dating world. You’ll look and feel irresistible!
  • Easy ways to avoid arguments and how to argue more effectively when you do argue. These simple techniques will show you how to increase the chances of your next relationship being less stressful and lasting forever.
  • How to cope with any turbulent feelings that come up when your ex begins dating again. You might not be prepared for the way you feel when this happens—unless you watch the DVDs so you know how to make yourself so strong, you can get over anything quickly and easily.
  • How to be more relaxed when you have to talk to or see your ex again.
  • The steps you need to take if you’re as unhappy with your job or career as you were with your marriage. Imagine finding the type of job you’re passionate about. You get up in the morning as soon as the alarm goes off, eager to go to work. No more lying in bed, dreading heading to the office.

How to Put $100, $200, Even $300 Or More Into Your Bank Account Each Month

On The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce DVDs, you’ll watch a presentation by financial planner Pat Meidell. She’ll show you how to recognize your financial style and get rid of the habits that are sabotaging your ability to build a nest egg.

Plus, Theodore Henderson will show you some easy ways to increase your chances of getting a raise, finding a job, or landing a better position in the department of your choice. (Hint: You don’t want to actually ask for a transfer to a different department—this can backfire on you.)
If you use shopping as therapy when you feel bad, Rosemary Manning will show you an easy technique you can use to keep yourself away from the stores when you’re in your most vulnerable state. Plus, after you watch the DVDs, you’ll have a better idea of who you should never go on a date with. Guys, you’ll put extra money in your pocket by not wasting it on as many bad or hopeless dates as before.

Now You Can Feel Whole Again After Divorce. . . And Find Love, Money, and a Deep Sense of Peace

time to heal

What will you do when you feel so good again—so full of joy and hope—that you leap out of bed in the morning excited to face the day?

It might not happen tomorrow. But now, after watching the DVDs, you’ll know the shortest and fastest route to get to that peaceful and happy place… you’ll know how to dig yourself out of the doldrums and regain happiness again. The kind of happiness where you feel like whistling when you’re getting ready in the morning.

Think back to the three things you want most after divorce. The three things you typed into the box above. They’re easily within your reach. As you sit here reading this, I’m sure you realize that you need to take action now to get everything you want after your divorce.

How Much Is It Costing You To Not Be Watching The DVDs Right Now?

What price could you put on the secrets for feeling joy after divorce? What price could you put for discovering how to find the love of your life without wasting all that time and money going on so many bad or boring dates.

Or spending a lot of dough on renewing your subscription to an online dating site over and over again?

What price could you put on watching a smile light up your child’s face and knowing they’re truly happy for the first time since you and your spouse split up? For knowing how to finally start saving money and get out of debt? How much is all that worth? $2,000? $1,000? $500?

Thanks to The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce DVDs, you don’t have to pay that much. It’s like having at your fingertips the wisdom of more than a dozen life coaches, relationship experts and financial planners. If you hired all of these experts individually it would cost you on average $75 per session—well over $1,000!

Would you believe it if I told you the 10-DVD set is only $77—$20 off—but only if you invest today?  Individually these DVDS are worth $19.97 each—a $199.70 value. But you’re going to get them all for only $77—if you buy today!

Plus, TODAY ONLY you’re also going to get SIX BONUS DVDs valued at $19.97 each—a total of $119.82 in bonuses. Not to mention the bonus of being able to get exactly what you want most after divorce, whether that’s feeling whole again now that you’re on your own, finding someone to love who loves you back, or feeling relief when your kids are smiling and happy again.

That’s over $300 worth of products for only $77—but only if you buy today. 

Here’s The Incredible Value You’re Going To Get
When You Invest In The DVDs

Valued At
Divorce: How To Turn This Into The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To You
How to stop subconscious fear and resentment from sabotaging your chance at finding true love. Forget about finding a new love if these toxic, lingering feelings get stuck deep inside you. Watch this DVD and you’ll know how to recognize those feelings and make them disappear—once and for all.
A Little-Known Secret For Attracting The Love of Your Life
A surprising way to know if a new love interest is right for you even before you go on a date.
How to Keep Your Breakup From Becoming a Breakdown
Bestselling author Lisa Steadman is going to lift your spirits and show you how to get your ex out of your mind for good. She’s also going to show you why you keep meeting Mr. or Ms. Wrong when you’re dating after divorce. And give you surefire solutions to increase your chances of meeting the person who you’re really meant to be with.
Never Argue Again: Proven Ways to Have a More Peaceful and Loving Relationship When You Move On To Someone New After Divorce
Don’t get involved in a new relationship without watching this DVD. You know how bad it feels when your romantic partner yells at you or the awkward feeling you get when you snap at your partner? Bestselling author and relationship expert Shela Dean is going to show you how to never argue again.
An Easy Way to Feel Better When Life Feels Overwhelming After Divorce
An easy technique you can use to feel more relaxed and self-confident on dates, release your anger at your ex so you feel a deep sense of peace, and to help your kids thrive after divorce. You can even use it to wipe out your dessert or soda cravings and to help your extra pounds melt away.
Kick Your After Divorce Blues Out the Door and Invite Peace Into Your Life
If you feel unworthy of love or are beating yourself up for not being able to save your marriage, Dr. Julia Bowlin is going to give you a boost of self-confidence. Watch this DVD and you’ll understand once and for all the reason why you are worthy of love. Dr. Bowlin also is going to show you exactly how to forgive yourself and feel a deep sense of peace.
Dating After Divorce: How to Identify The Losers, Narcissists and Sociopaths Before You Get Hurt
Sociopaths and narcissists are surprisingly common. When you’re dating, you’ll almost certainly meet up with one of these hurtful people. Don’t let them destroy your heart or your life. Watch this DVD now!
Winning Against the Odds: How To Accomplish Anything You Want In Life
Whether you’re sad that your ex-spouse wanted the divorce while you wanted to stay married or you’re frustrated about not having any luck at finding a new love, Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson is going to inspire you in a way you’ve never been inspired before. If you’re sad or upset about anything, watch this DVD and you’ll instantly feel uplifted, at peace and ready to accomplish all your goals.
No More After Divorce Pain or Numbness: Get Ready to Feel True Joy!
While you were married, if you sacrificed what makes you truly happy in order to be the spouse and/or parent you felt you needed to be, this DVD will show you how to reconnect with who you really are. Once you start focusing on you again, you’ll start to leave the unhappiness of the divorce behind and feel true joy.
How to Look Irresistible and Feel Energized After Divorce
Don’t have time to exercise? Want to know which diet is the best diet? Having trouble finding the time to get all your chores done? Former nurse and fitness expert June Steffey gives you the answers you need to feel less stressed and look your best. The best revenge on your ex is when they see how amazing you look after the divorce.
Total Value of these 10 DVDs

You’re Also Going To Get These 6 Bonus DVDs Valued At $119.82

Valued At
Are You Committing These Relationship-Destroying Blunders and Scaring Away The Most Interesting Dates?
Did you ever wish that before you started to fall for your date you could know if they’re going to treat you right? Best-selling author and relationship Guru Charles J. Orlando is going to show you exactly how to know which people you want to keep dating—and which ones you should avoid like the plague. Plus, are you scaring your dates away by committing common mistakes? Watch Charles’ DVD and you’ll find out.
How To Make Mountains of Money After Divorce
Have a hard time saving money? Or maybe you’re over your head in debt. The problem may be that you don’t know what your financial style is. One of the top 100 female financial advisers in the country, Pat Meidell, is going to show you how to build a nest egg—even if you’ve never been able to save before. You’ll be able to save up to $100, $200 or more per month.
Romance Re-Entry: 5 Steps to Getting Your Romantic Partner To Do Anything You Want
How would you like your romantic partner to do anything you ask them to? Or would you simply like to be more relaxed when you’re dating? Relationship expert Susan Sheppard is going to show you exactly how to get your new love interest to give you what you want. And, if you’re uncomfortable with the thought of dating after divorce, she’s going to show you a way to get back into the dating game that’s so easy and stress-free you won’t hesitate to get out there and meet new people.
After Divorce Career Secrets: The Insider Scoop on How to Get a Hefty Raise, Make a Successful Switch To Your Dream Career, and Land a Job in a Tough Economy
Out of a job or think you deserve to get paid more at work? Career Coach Theodore Henderson is going to show you some smart strategies to squeeze a hefty raise out of your boss. Or, if you’re out of work, how to find a job even in a challenging economy. This DVD alone could put $100, $200 or more into your pocket each month.
How To Make Your Boss Appreciate You, Your Kids Love You, and Your New Romantic Partner Feel An Insatiable Need to Be Around You
In her presentation, “4 Magic Questions to Get Your Child to Behave Better And Cooperate With Your Every Request,” Dr. Barbara Smailey shows you how to relate better to everyone in your life—not just your kids. By knowing which personality type your boss, your kids, and your new love interest fall into, you’ll create an unbreakable bond with all of them. Imagine being able to quietly watch TV while your kids play peacefully. Or imagine what it will feel like when your bank account swells because your boss feels such a strong rapport with you, he’s happy to give you a raise.

The Secret to Falling For Nice People—Say Goodbye To Dates Who Treat You Badly And Hello To The One Who Showers You With Love and Affection
Do you sometimes wish you could fall for one of the nice people you dated instead of the people who treat you badly? But the nice ones always seem boring, don’t they? Lisa Steadman is going to show you exactly what to do to fall madly in love with a nice person—and dramatically increase your chances of finding real happiness and real love.
Total Value of the DVDs
Regular Price
Get $20 Off If You Invest Today!

I’m sure you’ll agree that you need to get your hands on this great deal now, because the $20 discount and the bonuses will go away after today.

Another reason to order the DVDs is because you’ll be doing something good for the community.

You’ll help reduce the risk that something gut-wrenching—like the awful shootings that happened at Columbine or Aurora, Colorado—will ever happen again. That’s because part of the proceeds from the DVDs go to Be Someone, a non-profit organization that shows kids how to turn away from violence by teaching them the game of chess. Take action now, and you’ll help Be Someone help even more kids grow up to be peaceful, loving, and motivated.

 Yes! I want The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce DVDs now—before the discount expires—and to discover how to become more self-confident, attract fun and interesting dates, be a better parent, get a raise or find a new job, and have more money after my divorce.

I understand that my order is absolutely risk-free. If, after 60 days, I have not discovered some really cool ways to get what I want most after divorce or if I’m unhappy with the product for any reason, I can return it for a 100% refund.

I authorize Kimberly Pryor and her company The Indestructible Relationship, to charge my credit card the amount of $77, plus $17.97 for shipping & handling in the U.S.

Wishing you peace and joy,

Kimberly Pryor

P.S. Make sure you join other divorced people just like you and get your hands on these DVDs now before the discount expires. At their current price, the DVDs are a steal. Remember, the $20 discount is available for only a limited time!

P.P.S This project was a labor of love for me but I can’t guarantee that you’ll receive the 6 FREE bonus DVDs above unless you order The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce DVDs right now.  We produced only a limited supply of the DVDs and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

7 Proven Secrets For Healing Your Post-Divorce Heartache—And Finding Happiness and Peace On Your Own

7 Proven Secrets For Healing Your Post-Divorce Heartache—And Finding Happiness and Peace On Your Own


  • Sad Or Angry After Your Divorce? 1 Simple Way To Make These Feelings Go Away For Good  
  • 1 Mistake You May Be Making That’s Stopping You From Moving On.
  • How To Heal The Heartache of Infidelity.
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Dating After Divorce: Are You Making These 6 Mistakes?

Dating After Divorce: Are You Making These 6 Mistakes?


  • How To Write An Online Profile That Will Attract Quality Dates. 
  • 1 Thing To Never Talk About On Dates.
  • How To Have More Self-Confidence When Interacting With The Opposite Sex.
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